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Sundarban Tour Package

(Khulna – Sundarban – Khulna) (Mongla – Sundarban – Mongla) (Dhaka – Sundarban – Dhaka) Cruise Tour


Sundarban Tour:

Call: +880 1711336825, 01402288573, 01678076361-69

(Khulna – Sundarban – Khulna)
(Mongla – Sundarban – Mongla)
(Dhaka – Sundarban – Dhaka)

Everything you will happen to see or come across in the wild mangrove forests of the Sundarbans will irresistibly draw you towards them. The dazzling expanse of green, the blue heaven overhead meeting the horizon, the playful high tide and the ebb, the very smell of life in the air and the pristine sea beach– you name it.


For the exclusive booking please confirm the tour at least 4 weeks before the schedule. While making a confirm booking of the tour, a payment amounting to 50% of the tour fee is to be made. The balance to be paid 72 hours prior to the commencement of the trip. We accept cheques & cash both.

(Khulna – Sundarban – Khulna)

Sundarban Tour: +880 1711336825, 01402288573, 01678076361-69


Program: 3 Days & 2 Nights. 

1st. Day:  Our vessel awaiting in Khulna Rupsha ferry ghat early in the morning within 6:00 am. Then start cruise towards the Sundarban forest. On the way, the boat will stop at Dhangmari /  Chandpai Forest station. Take the permit & pay the fees and take 2 forest armed guard then visit Harabia Forest Office.  The cruising will continue till Kotka upon arrival.

2nd. Day:  Very early in the morning take the small boat for cruise through the small canal for bird watching trip inside forest. Back to the ship and take breakfast then walk through the Mangrove forest and climbing the watch tower to Jamtala sea-beach for sunbath, back to ship  then the boat will resume its journey towards the Forest which will continue till Kochikhali.Upon arrival, the accompanying Guide will lead you towards the Kochikhali Forest Office, where you will find plenty of deer, Monkey, birds etc. Back to the boat, snacks will be served. On this evening, Bar-B-Q dinner will serve. Our vessel will start in the evening journey to Dhangmari/Chandpai forest office upon arrival and stay overnight.

3rd. Day:  After breakfast we will visit the Karamjal forest office and resume its journey towards Khulna. On the way, Take a stopover for surrender forest permission and get down arms guard.  We shall reach Khulna in the evening.       End…………..

  •  Price per person for the above itinerary shall be as follows only for Bangladeshi : 

Winux  Ship (Bed Capacity = 70 Persons)

>  For 50 parsons x 13,000 BDT (per head) = 6,50,000 BDT

>  For 60 parsons x 12,500 BDT (per head) = 7,50,000 BDT

>  For 70 parsons x 12,000 BDT (per head) = 8,40,000 BDT

Winux Ship  (Bed Capacity =  34 Persons)  

>  For 20-25 parsons x 14,000 BDT (per head) = 3,50,000 BDT

For 30-34 parsons x 13,500 BDT (per head) = 4,59,000 BDT

Food Menu


Breakfast8.30 (A.M) Juice+ Bread+ Butter+ Jelly+ Banana +Papia +Tea/ Coffee+

Tea Break11.00 (P.M) – Vegetable Pakura+ Tea/Coffee

Lunch1.45 P.M Plain Rice+ Sak Vazi+ Varta+ Mixed Vegetable+ Vetki Fish Dopeaga+ Sea Fish Fry+ Chicken Curry+ Dal+ Salad+ Desert

Tea Break5.00 P.M Vegetable Shingara+ Tea/Coffee

Dinner9.00 P.M- Pollow+ Shirmp Vuna+ Vetki Fish Dopeaga+ Chicken Roast+ Salad+ Sweet Curt


Morning Tea: 5.30 A.M- Biscuit+ Tea

Breakfast: 9.00 A.M- VunaKhecudi + Begun Vazi+ Sea Fish Fry+ Egg Malay Curry+ Achar+ Tea/Coffee

Tea Break: 11.00 A.M- Seasonal Fruit Salad + Juice + tea/coffee

Lunch: 1.45 P.M- Plain Rice+ Varta+ Vegetable + Sea Fish Fry + Poma Fish + Poppet fish+ Chicken Curry+ Dal+ Salad+ Desert

Tea Break: 5.00 P.M- Piazu+Beguni+ Tea/Coffee

Dinner:9.30 P.M BBQ Party + Parata + Chicken Tikka + Fish BBQ + Duck Resela + Fruit Custard


Morning Tea: 5.30 A.M- Biscuit+ Tea

Breakfast: 9.00 A.M-Parata + Vegetable + Chicken Dal + Halua + Tea/Coffee

Tea Break: 11.00 A.M- Snacks + Juice

Lunch: 1.45 A.M- Morog Polau+ Egg Malay Curry + Bagda or Golda Chingry Fry+ Soft Drinks

Tea Break: 5.00 P.M- Biscuit+ Tea/Coffee

Ø  Food menu maybe change with the discussion as per your desire.


Package Includes:

>  All meals during the trip.

>  All activities inside the forest as per itinerary.

>  Mineral water (Jar) for drinking during the trip.

>  Forest fees & permission.

>  Armed forest guard from the forest department.

>  An accompanied experience Guide during the trip.

Things to carry:

>  Regular Medicine.

>  Snicker shoes for walking.

>  Hat/Cap for sun protection.

>  Sun protection  lotion & insects spray.

>  Binoculars, Flash light, Camera.

>  Towel, Bath Soap/Shampoo, Toothpaste & Tooth Brush.


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